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EXCLUSIVE: Birdy On Her New Music & More

Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 14, 2013

Birdy is a sensational singer/songwriter, who at the age of 17, has already found huge success in the UK and has had her music featured on American television. Known initially for her beautiful covers like Bon Iver's "Skinny Love," this folk/indie artist has her own original music on a new EP Breathe, and coming soon a second studio album, Fire Within. We asked her about the upcoming album, what she has learned over the past few years and what her hopes are for her original music. 

Take a look.  

How would you describe your music? 

The first album was piano and voice quite stripped back and melancholic, the new album has a side to me no one has really heard it's a bit more up beat. 

You are only 17 and have already have years of experience in the music industry, how do you think these past few years have impacted your approach to making music? 

I think I felt a bit more confident in the studio this time round just from doing it before and probably from being a bit older. It was great to have two years developing my own writing for Fire Within.

Who are some of your peers that you look up in the music industry or that you have made a friendship with?

It was really amazing getting to record my album with some great musicians in the studio like Seye and Brad Webb.   I have worked with other amazing Artists like Ryan Tedder and Ben Lovett, which i really enjoyed. 

New album soon of all original music! What does "Fire Within" mean to you?

Fire Within tells my own stories so it's a personal album it means a lot to me because writing songs has always been my favourite part of music; to do a whole album of originals is really special. 

What do you hope people take away from your music?

I just hope I can make music that other people enjoy and they can find something that means something to them.

Fans can check out her new EP, Breathe here.

What do you think of Birdy?

Let's talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

How To Prepare For Paramore's The Self-Titled Tour

Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 11, 2013

Paramore's The Self-Titled Tour kicks off in just a few days! I am so anxious to see what kind of show they are going to be putting on in an ARENA! I am going to the San Diego date and needed to come up with a few ways to get ready.

This is going to be my 8th (I think) time seeing them live, so I have a few tips for you. Here's what I came up with. #musicrules

1. Warm up your vocal chords with some Paramore karaoke. I suggest "That's What You Get," all those notes will get you ready to roll. It's also a lot of fun to just pretend you're a pop star and put on a real performance for your pals. Not that I have ever done that before...

2. Watch all of their music videos from "All We Know" to "Still Into You" and enjoy the amazing evolution. 

3. Get our outfit ready. Now I am not the type to really do this -- but I am sure some of you are. You can go with a Paramore shirt, play off of one of Hayley's looks, or just go for comfort. I typically go for comfort because I like to jump around.

4. Make your dream tour set list/predictions. Always fun to ponder what you think the band will play on the tour. 

5. You're also going to want to stretch out your body well before the show. You're doing to be doing a lot of dancing and THIS >>

6. You will also want to work out your arms. if they play "Fences" you will be required to get your hands up and snapping.

7. And while we are at it, stretch out all your face muscles. Because along with all the singing you will not stop SMILING! 

Except for when you have all the feels and are in the moment.... but you will still be smiling on the inside. "Last Hope" is going to get me good. 


So have fun and enjoy the show!

How do you get ready for a BIG show?

Let's talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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WATCH: Fall Out Boy Perform 'Alone Together' On 'Ellen'

Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 10, 2013

Well this is super cute! Check out Fall Out Boy on Ellen today.

Love their backup singers. 

Artist Spotlight: Indevotion

Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 10, 2013

I think we have established a trust here on Buzznet that I will only recommend something I think you will love. Well, I can't stress enough how much you will all love this band! Indevotion are a pop/rock band from Sweden that has the perfect balance of both words. We have the hard guitar riffs you love -- with poppy choruses you will sing along to. I don't want to give too much away but if you miss Hey Monday, this will make you feel better. #musicrules

Just watch this music video for their single, "Originals." I have watched it three times today. 

The band is made up of My Helmner (vocals), Noah Ekblom (Guitar), Stefan Hammarlund (bass) and Johannes Andersson (drums). They had an EP out this past spring called “Heart” – and you can stream it all on their official site. I love especially love "Heartipper."

The band is currently collaborating with different songwriters for new fresh material, and with a Europe-tour scheduled in the fall together with the popular French pop/rock band Mary Has A Gun and The Maddigans.

So take a listen and let me know what you think. 

What do you think of Indevotion?

Let's talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comment below. 

WATCH: LIVE Puppy Stream To Support ECAD

Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 10, 2013

Check out this live puppy stream to help make your day -- and spread awareness for ECAD

Live streaming video by Ustream

EXCLUSIVE: DJay Brawner On Directing Panic! At The Disco's 'Girls/Girls/Boys' Music Video

Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 09, 2013

This week Panic! At The Disco's latest album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die hit the Internet along with a brand new SEXY music video. The video for "Girls/Girls/Boys" was an instant hit and fans were drooling over Brendon Urie's performance. Our pal DJay Brawner directed the video so we HAD to ask him how he made this magic happen. Take a look below and thanks to DJay for making another rad video and allowing us to ask him some questions. 

How did you get involved with this project?

Over the last few years my company Anthem Films and I have been doing a lot of work with Atlantic Records. I've had nothing but great experiences working with them. The video commissioner at Atlantic, Alex Bittan, gave me a call 5 days before the shoot and laid it out for me. They wanted to shoot a Panic! At The Disco video that following Monday. And I said OK! It didn't help I was the best man in a wedding that same week. 

How did the concept come about and what were the initial conversations like with the band?

It was Brendon Urie's idea completely. I cannot take any credit for that. He had told the label he wanted to do homage to D'Angelo's "Untitled." I never spoke with Brendon directly before the shoot but we began moving forward right away to pull it off in just a few days. On the day we went over everything in detail before we began filming and we made sure we were on the same page. 

What were the challenges of making this video?

The biggest challenge making the video was really the camera moves. It seems like a really simple video to most people, who watch it, but the camera moves were pretty involved and making sure everything stays in focus is tough. My dolly grip Fernando killed it. I re-edited the D'Angelo video and timed it out with "Girls/Girls/Boys" and had it playing on an iPad so we could hear the song and also see the exact moves we were trying to nail. My focus puller, Adam Kirschhoffer, did such a great job on the focus. 

How many takes of the video did you actually end up needing to shoot?

I wish I could say we nailed it the first time. I don't know the exact amount but we did but we went through a few times. We did some variations in case we wanted options later in post. We all knew the take we used was the best!

Did Brendon know when you were in a wide shot vs. a close up?

Yah, Brendon really started feeling the camera after a few passes at it. We were on a Fischer Dolly, which is one of the larger ones, which made the camera sit on top of a large moving object. It was pretty evident where the camera was at all time. Especially with my DP Bryant Jansen sitting on it, Adam sitting on it, and Fernando moving it. 

What was it like working with Brendon in such an intimate setting?

Honestly, it was rad. He was super easy going and ready to be there. He is a pro. 

And I just have to add… Was it awkward at all? You know cause he is naked?

The awkward part was watching him perform for 4hrs with no shirt. Whether he is clothed below the belt, I'll never tell. That's a secret between Brendon and my crew. I don't want to disappoint anyone or offend anyone. 

For more on DJay's work check out his site.

What do you guys think of the video?

Let's talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Candy Hearts' Mariel Loveland On Sexism In Music For Alternative Press

Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 09, 2013

Candy Heart's Mariel Loveland shared her perspective on sexism in the music industry with Alternative Press. I pulled out the 6 things she is sick of hearing as a woman in music. Please take a moment to read it and let me know what you think. You can read the full story on Alternative Press

Mariel is a memeber of our community, so I am sure she would love to hear from all of you -- AND Jess Ess recently shared her POV on the same topic. 

1. “You shouldn’t really be that upset.” After reading the comments on the article, 9 Things Women in Music are Sick of Experiencing, as well as comments on various journals about feminism in relation to male-dominated industries, I have found that—holy hell—dudes love telling us how we should feel! Yes, there are benefits to being a woman. But you are not me, and I am not you, so you don’t know what makes me upset. Don’t tell me I should be excited that I can’t wander the beautiful cities we visit on tour alone at night, that I’m consistently belittled by promoters and security or that you have any idea what it’s like to read about the way your butt looks in jeans in a music review. Last time I checked, jeans were not music.

2. “You’re too much of a girl.” It was a very late night with a very good friend when I was standing in the subway, possibly inebriated, discussing the issues that arose on the last tour and how they still bothered me. He looked at me and told me I was just being too much of a girl. I’m sure if you’re a woman working in the music industry, you’ve heard this countless times. This is problematic in a number of ways, mainly being that I am a girl. Or a woman. Or somewhere in the strange purgatory that exists when you enter your 20s. On tour I am often surrounded by a group of 30 men without a female in sight. I am the other, and many men don’t understand what that feels like. They don’t know what it feels like to sit in your van alone crying and avoiding eye contact with everyone on the tour because someone started the rumor that you were available to any one of them at any time. They don’t know what it feels like to be called the dreaded four-letter S-word because you were a little bit too nice or joked about the same vulgar things they were laughing about five minutes prior. They don’t know what it’s like for someone on the tour to “call dibs” on you when you don’t even know them yet. On the plus side, I can use the ladies bathroom as my own personal dressing room, but that novelty has worn off.

3. “Are you just the merch girl?” There is a certain place reserved in Punk-Rock Hell for people who have asked me if I am just the merch girl, as if running the entire merchandising operation of a band is a lesser job to begin with. I have witnessed promoters go up to the person running our merch, tell him what time he’s playing, give him a wristband, then try to argue with me over whether or not I was a legitimate band member. Quite often I will respond, “I’m just dating someone in the band, please don’t kick me out.”

4. “They’re a gimmick; they just put the girl up front to sell records.” Any time someone asks where the other guys are so they can handle payment at the end of the show; says, “She doesn’t really play guitar”; complains about a backing track and proclaims it’s all a gimmick; and that a woman is upfront purely to sell records with her sex appeal, I want to shake them until their brains turn into scrambled eggs. Did it ever occur to them that maybe the girl is up front because she writes the songs, handles all the business or maybe just likes to sing? And maybe, just maybe the band are simply playing the music they like to play and they are all equals who didn’t give it a second thought.

5. “Did you see what she was wearing?” Fashion is fun, but sometimes you just want to be comfortable. In a D.I.Y. venue in the summer when it’s over 100 degrees and all my male counterparts are wearing shorts and going shirtless, I should be able to wear a pair of shorts without later reading comments about the way my butt looked (good or not), or how I’m sexualizing myself to sell records. I shouldn’t have to feel disgusting and violated because I have a female body and it is in front of you in clothes that don’t always fit right. The truth is, sometimes I’m just tired, I don’t care about what I’m wearing and it’s really, really hot. If it makes me feel good, what business is it of yours?

6. “She writes mean songs about her exes.” My band calls this one being “Taylor Swifted” and while it’s not really offensive, it has severely problematic gender implications. It runs under the assumption that after writing so many songs (which may very well all be about one person), you have had a lot of boyfriends and thusly, a lot of failed relationships. After a certain number of songs about failed relationships (most likely about that one person who hurt you really badly), you may start to hear that all those failed relationships were your fault. You are naggy, clingy, crazy, [insert other female stereotype here]. Meanwhile, you watch an army of your male peers sing about the girls who did them wrong while people raise their hands up and crowd surf. Sometimes a song is just a song.

What are your thoughts on this issue? 

Let's talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Miley Cyrus & Mumford & Sons Mashup 'Little Wrecking Ball'

Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 08, 2013

Take a listen to this new mashup of Miley Cyrus and Mumford & Sons, "Little Wrecking Ball" by Isosine.

I am honestly always impressed with mashups and this one is cool. Never would have thought to put these songs together. #musicrules 

What do you think of the mashup?

Let's talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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It's Her Mouth: 12 Things Mike WiLL Got Miley Cyrus To Say On 'Bangerz' 



It's Her Mouth: 12 Things Mike WiLL Got Miley Cyrus To Say On 'Bangerz'

Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 07, 2013

Miley Cyrus' new album Bangerz will be available tomorrow and there's a lot to soak in. The 20-year-old singer is taking charge with her new (as she likes to call it) movement. Miley worked with some of the biggest names in hip hop on her new record including, Mike WiLL to find her new sound -- and voice. In her MTV documentary, the 20-year-old singer explained how she wants to keep us all on our toes with her new music and above all else do what she thinks is cool. 

Let's see what these two came up with! 

Here are a few standout moments on her new album that defiantly kept us on our toes. Take a look. 

WARNING: Some language is obviously explicit, and other times it might be. I just can't tell. 

1. They ask me how I keep a man, I keep a battery pack


2. Hooked on donuts, and roof satin

"Four By Four" 

3. Money ain't nothing but money when you get to the money it ain't nothing but money

Love ain't nothing but love when you learn how to love ain't nothing but love

Party ain't nothing but a party when you party every day it ain't nothing but a party

"Love, Money, Party"

4. Flex it, flex it

Flex your muscles, and through the roof

Arrest it rest it, cause you're a criminal

"Get It Right"

5. But then I accidentally saw a few things in your cell

I even LOL'd man I should've known


6. Mind your business, stay in your lane bitch

Oh yeah I'm a southern belle

I told ya'll once before I get crazier than hell

"Do My Thang"


7. Getting wild up in here

Getting live up in here

Burning up up in here

Turnt up up in here

"Do My Thang"

8. Play boss the play

Doctor get that big ross

Sit that on my hand

Make that video big talk

Play boss the play

Strike that boss with the purple

Got up in my brain

Had me a little bit dismal


9. It's bananas like a fucking 'rangatang bitch


10. This ain't no texting shit

Know I ain't got no biz, but it is what it is


11. Cause what you gotta do, is go get yourself a clue


12. Would you believe

I'm dancing in the mirror

I feel like I got no panties on

I wish that I could feel you

So hurry, hang up that damn phone

"Get It Right"

You can check out all of the album's lyric here on Direct Lyrics.

So.... are you going to pick up Bangerz tomorrow?

Let's talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

Developing Story: Go Radio Announce Breakup

Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 07, 2013


Okay here's the latest! Alex Reed and Steven Kopacz who spoke to Alt Press about the break up. 

Here's their response to Jason's apperance on the Guns Show.

Jason recently did an interview with the Gunz Show and said that there were things in the statement released by the band that were not true. But he also said that there was no bad blood in the band? Do you have any insight as to what he thinks you are saying that’s not true?

REED: That’s a tough one. I did hear that he had an interview with the Gunz Show, but I didn’t have a chance to hear it. That is interesting. I think we were very delicate with the statement to not create any bad blood. Only a very small snippet of the statement has anything to do with what Jason did or didn’t do. We were never trying to be malicious or anything. We always just said that we wanted to be open and honest with people, without divulging too much personal information. It’s not about what he said or she said. This is honestly where the core of it came from when he came and told us. He had recently gotten married and things weren’t going the way he had seen them going for Go Radio in this record cycle. The gist of it that he told us was that he had gotten married and he wanted to spend that time. You know, I don’t know the inner workings of their marriage too much. He lives in Orlando; she lives with him, but when he came to us, he said that it was his decision. He said he was tired; he wanted to be able to have a house and a more consistent money flow. It seemed like he had a certain longing for the next step in adulthood and that maybe he was being held back from that by touring all the time. That was the core of why he wanted to leave the band. He was longing for the next chapter in his life. I used that very word, “chapter,” [in the statement] because that’s what it is. It’s the end of a chapter, but we’re all going on to do different stuff. It’s hard to interpret because maybe he meant something different—to the three of us. Maybe he meant to convey something differently, but all three of us were under that understanding.


KOPACZ: I’m definitely on the same page with everything that Alex said. We had the initial conversation in the hotel room, on the Summer Set tour. Jason was like, “Hey, can I talk to you guys?” At that point, we could have been very angry with him because it was unfair to us; there were still three other people involved. [But] we weren’t angry at him in any sense. We were never angry—maybe disappointed because the band was coming to an end. But we understood his decision. That’s why when we wrote up the statement, we tried to keep it as vague as possible but with also telling a side of the story instead just being like, “Go Radio broke up.” We wanted to make sure that the story was out there without pointing any fingers. Like Jason said, there’s no bad blood. There never was any bad blood, but we wanted people to know a little bit of the reasoning without making it seem like there was any bad blood. Like Alex said, I haven’t heard the Gunz Show interview either, so it’s kind of strange that he would say something like that. The little blurb about Jason in the statement we made is so small, but it is true. It’s exactly what happened. So, I’m kind of caught of guard with his “it’s not true” statement because that makes no sense to me.

Read the full story here. 


Jason has now taken to his Tumblr page to take a final statement.

Just to make things clear

Here I sit debating the pros and cons of writing anything to add onto the last few days. With the amount of people both friends and fans that have had such a massive impact on the last 7 years of my life adding in their input, it’s truly a daunting task to begin to write this down into words. 

I guess I’ll start with the obvious. Go Radio is done. It was a great time in my life and while not every moment was perfect, it brought me to where I am today. Happy.

I’ve finally reached a point of happiness that I could’t possibly have hoped for in all my wildest expectations. I’ve reached a point where I’ve found a woman I love, who loves me in spite of all my faults (and trust me, there are many). I’ve got a family that is supportive, a future I can’t wait to achieve, and a relationship with God. 

The last 6 months have been hard ones for me. I’m not looking for sympathy or any sort of remorse, but they have. I’ve been faced with decisions I hoped Go Radio would bring me through. Decisions about what was best for me and my life, the direction life was asking me to go, and how to best use the gifts I’ve been given. 

I can only say that I am truly sorry to the people that have been let down by me. That I have been searching for what God has for me, and I’ve found it. If you love now, or have ever loved the person that is/was/will be Jason Lancaster, than try to at least appreciate the decision I’ve made to leave Go Radio and pursue a life outside of it. 

  Go Radio gave me an outlet to vent. It gave me a way to expose the things I meant, and a way to exercise  my personal demons while allowing me to still smile for all of you. I love you all and would never take back a moment that I’ve spent with any of you, but when it is time to move on we must. I’ve decided that it is , in fact, time for me to move on and I ask that you treat my decision with respect and courtesy. 

I’ll jump to the chase and tell you that I am deeply offended but the idea going around that my love Dee had anything to do with my departure from the band. She, in fact, was the only one to ask me to stay. We had so many talks where I would tell her how I was feeling, we would pray together, and I would leave again to let her fend for herself and smile while she did it. She was nothing but absolutely supportive of my career and never ONCE asked me to leave. 

There are people out there who are spreading vicious rumors about my life with her, and calling us both names. To those people, I ask you to stop before it gets out of hand. You will not face only me, but God with the words you say and spread. Rumors are harsh and counter productive and will only lead to pain and hurt for the both of us. Even if you don’t believe, you should respect the decision I’ve made and keep your worst words to yourselves. 

Things with Go Radio were not good for me. You may call me selfish or whatnot and that is your right, but you must respect my right to see what is best for my life,  and make my own decisions as to where that leads me. I’m not stranding anyone. I’m making music and I’m loving life. If you now, or have ever, loved or appreciated me in any way I ask you to respect that.

While I didn’t read (or was sent prior to any of you reading) the breakup notice, it was your right to know what was going on. My biggest qualm with all of that was that I was blamed for the breakup. There were so many contributing factors to this that I can’t begin to name them, but what I can say, is they all spanned over the last 4 years.

While I do wish the guys the best, I can only speak for myself and say that there was no doubt in my mind when it was time to move on. Things seemed top escalate too rapidly, and approach a point of no return to quickly when problems arose, and if any sort of relationship between them and I could ever be salvaged, the catalyst needed to be removed. The band must break up to sustain. 

Now, I don’t know philosophy nor do I consider myself a brilliant mind. I do however think myself to be at least decent with personal relationships. While I have no ill will, I do recognize my que to leave a room. In this situation the proverbial room was filled with people who did not recognize ptr appreciate the decisions I’d made in my life. Good or bad, better or worse, I felt alone. 

My recourse was to ask my friends to be my sounding board, and my family to be an understanding outlet to the way I was feeling. I felt alone. Used. Dropped because I didn’t do things the way others thought I should. Even though I tried my hardest to include everyone in the direction my life was moving, I felt like it wasn’t really absorbed but the group I called family. 

I noticed that while I would speak my mind, my words were very rarely heard and would most often be tossed to the back of the minds of those whom I held most dear. These thoughts were spoken in private to parties unwilling to hear what I had to say, Day after day I would ask for, and then demand respect for myself and the life choices I’d made. 

Until finally enough was enough for me. I’d had my fill. Between the inability to support even myself, and the unwillingness of those around me to hear what I had to say, I was left with little chic but to part with the life that I’d built for myself with Go Radio. 

I AGAIN will say, Dee was nothing but supportive of my career and life with the band. Even going as far as to include them in the most special day of our lives. She spent time talking to each member, and trying to explain our lives to them. She was met with hostility and anger. Telling her that “She would never be apart of our group, because we just aren’t ready for a new person,” and ” I hate you. I want to hate you even though there’s no reason.” Through all this she absorbed the blow and was respectful to the opinions and lives of those I held close. 

I spent many nights praying, and many more justifying the actions of those I love to those who love me more. At the end of the day it was time to leave. Time to step out onto the platform of something new. Time to close my eyes and hold my nose and jump into the pool of something unpredictable. 

I can say very few things about my life in certainty, but this I can say for sure. I gave every chance I could to the “Big Picture”. I took every risk, and lived off of the bare minimum for as long as I could take it. For those who bought the record, came to shows, stood in line to get a photograph. You couldn’t be loved more by this simple man, You did all you could to secure the spot of Go Radio in your own Hall of Fame. For that I could never be more grateful. 

For those of you who came with ill words and hurt in response to a choice I made out of necessity, I can only assume the dark rooms you wrote your foul language from are prison enough to hold you. I’ll be praying for you and I honestly hope you find peace in whatever words you muster. 

I’ll end with a simple fact. Dee Lancaster had nothing to do with my departure, and I invite anyone who thinks they have proof otherwise to a private conversation with me. While I’ve given tremendous thought to my departure, she was the ONLY one to ask me to stay. If you have anything negative to say, please message me privately so that the people supporting this change in my life don’t have to bear witness to the atrocity. 



Jason Alan Lancaster


Go Radio's frontman, Jason Lancaster spoke to The Gunz Show about the end of Go Radio. Take a listen below.

After seven years Go Radio has decided part ways. Here's the official statement the band released last night on Facebook

"It is with heavy hearts that after 7 years of making music and touring the world, Go Radio has come to an end. For some of you this comes as a huge shock and for our friends and family this will be a certain sense of closure. There is no easy way to write something like this so we won't beat around the bush. 

Earlier this year Jason came to us with the news that he felt his time with Go Radio had come to an end. He felt a shift in priority to spend more time with his wife and retire from a life on the road. The decision to end this chapter was far from easy, but it simply would not be Go Radio without all four of us. Because of that, this decision is the right one.

The experiences, relationships, and memories we have shared are irreplaceable. You, the fans, have had our backs from day one and we could not be more grateful for what you enabled us to accomplish. You've given us a chance to travel the world and share our stories as you shared yours with us. We cannot thank you enough. We always strived to be the best band and friends we could be. To take the time to meet each and every one of you, talk to you, laugh with you, cry with you... we wouldn't trade those moments for anything. Go Radio was not just a band, it became a worldwide family, a lifeboat for all of us to keep our heads above water in good times and bad. Music is immortal. What we've created will never die. We encourage you all to focus on the good as it significantly outweighs any sense of bad. 

As for the future… we will all be involved with music one way or another and will be active in letting you know what we're up to."

You can catch Steven on the entire Vans Warped Tour Australia this fall playing drums with Anarbor at the following dates:

Nov. 29th - Brisbane, AU

Nov. 30th - Coffs Harbour, AU

Dec. 1st - Sydney, AU

Dec. 6th - Canberra, AU

Dec. 7th - Melbourne, AU

Dec. 8th - Adelaide, AU

You can see Alex on the entire Glamour Kills Tour playing guitar for Stages and Stereos at the following dates:

10/11 Jacksonville, FL @ Freebird (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/12 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/13 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/15 Charlotte, NC @ Amos Southend (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/16 Norfolk, VA @ The Norva (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/17 New York City, NY @ Best Buy Theatre (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/18 Philadelphia, PA @ The Electric Factory (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/19 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/20 Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/22 Hartford, CT @ Webster Theatre (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/23 Boston, MA @ House of Blues (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/24 Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizon (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/26 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/27 Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews Hall (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/29 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/30 Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues (Glamour Kills Tour) 

10/31 Chicago, IL @ House of Blues (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/1 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/2 Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/4 Denver, CO @ The Summit (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/5 Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/7 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/8 Vancouver, BC @ The Rio (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/9 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/11 San Francisco @ Slims (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/12 Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/13 Los Angeles @ House of Blues (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/14 Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/15 San Diego, CA @ House of Blues (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/16 Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock on The Strip (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/17 Phoenix, AZ @ The Marquee (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/19 Dallas, TX @ House of Blues (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/20 Houston, TX @ House of Blues (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/21 San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/26 Tallahassee, FL @ Sidebar Theatre (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/27 Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/29 Orlando, FL @ House of Blues (Glamour Kills Tour) 

11/30 Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution (Glamour Kills Tour)


We love you all and look forward to your continuing support and seeing you all in the future! 


We have always enjoyed working with the band and wish them all the best of luck in the future.

Let's talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comment below. 

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